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Client sites, Donor sites, ready to draw clients into your doors!

PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM provides a complete suite of web-based services that range from website content management to people, donation, event, and information management. Why settle for just a slam-bam, thank you mamm website? Let the professional, caring & knowledgeable team here at PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM be your one-stop digital agency for the very best in complete CRM/CMS Client & Donor website results!

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PRC-Solutions and YOU form a team that will create the masterpiece!

  • Great website with award-winning design using the top-of-the-line DIVI or STORY Themes
  • Ultrafast SSD hosting for database-driven CMS sites
  • Managed Support of your site(s)
  • All sites are fully responsive!
  • Built in CRM solution!
  • Optional full-service CRM solutions available!
  • Built in APPOINTY Calendar Scheduling Tool
  • Built in Calendar for your event promotion!
  • Built in forms for event registration, for volunteer registration and general contact.
  • Complete online donation solution including recurring donations, gifts, even tuitions if needed.
  • Assistance setting up WayCool, SalesForce for NonProfits or Practice Fusion!
  • All site plans are extremely affordable!


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Do not be fooled by give-away sites that say, we don’t like WordPress, we have a better way! Let PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM help you with a fully mobile, engaging WordPress website to reach your community!

As a former pro-life radio syndicator, Ken Freeman knows how to tell your story in a compelling way.As a former pregnancy center director, he knows what your center needs. As the director of the international referral director for 1500 centers, he knows what the client needs.

Let PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM tell your story in a way that will engage her to visit your center. Let his knowledge of the pregnant woman help you to reach her with a site you can edit or change easily! We stand behind our creatives! We use these same tools for our own personal sites. I would never attempt to lock you into long multi-year contracts or proprietary coding just so I could keep your business. I would rather keep you because I help you produce results!
Join us today!

The Organization’s goal is to provide engaging, interactive websites that work for your center!

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We Give You More For less!

Our web success of twenty years web building insures you the passion and experience we have for your ministry. Our Ministry Success has been involved and supporting/training/promoting pregnancy centers for 30 years. This combined intensely deep understanding of your nonprofit’s needs means we can build you a better site that over all does the job better, faster and at a cost you can afford.

Our mission is helping your ministry succeed with greater results!



When you choose within seconds of receiving your ‘master agreement’ we will go to work as your own private webmaster to hold your hand, to discover what you need and want and then to provide a staging production area where you and I can collboarate on the site to tweak it to be the very best it can be. Our experience spans 800 websites before you. Thus, we know what it takes to give you the best setup you can dream of. You need a site that appeals to the abortion-minded, vulnerable woman. Your donor site must appeal to baby boomers and Mill

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GREAT HELPFUL CONTENT SUPPORT FROM PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM understands that every center has to communicate with many kinds of visitors seeking your services. We also know you are competing online with Planned Parenthood and well-funded abortion centers. For your center, we give you the content she is looking for. Quick easy to understand services all equipped with a bold bright “schedule a free appointment!” button. Every site we build is provided a powerful appointment-making tool.

We recommend exclusively the APPOINTY appointment tool, a free ovulation calendar, and a rich resource library of content from America’s Pregnancy Help Line she may be looking for. For those clients still in school, we provide a complete list of driving maps to enable her to quickly visit our center. For medical centers we give you a customizable Medical Privacy Policy as well as a standard Web use Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. For donor sites we provide Conflicts of Interest Policy and Community Impact Statement. Plus, if you need donations online for your donor site, we can provide the necessary SSL Secure Certificates and money-saving STRIPE merchant account to equip your site with low cost processing and fast delivery to your bank.


PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM insures that every client site built has a built in way women can easily make an appointment. Using the power of APPOINTY Appointment scheduling tool, your client site has the best-of-breed appointment setting in the market.

PRC-SOLUTION.COM PROVIDES FULL SOCIAL MEDIA HELP can help you set up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram platforms. Our optional service can compose and distribute on your behalf ten tweets a day. This helps boost your traffic while better reaching your target audience.


What does WordPress support mean to you? It saves you both time and worry not having to concern yourself with managing updates of all your plugins, theme and WordPress version. This one piece of our service is worth it’s weight in gold. Keeping your site updated and securely healthy.


When you choose we don’t place you on cheap GoDaddy or HostGator shared hosting where your performance and security are always at risk of being compromised. Instead, we host your center site(s) on a dedicated SSD (Solid State Drive) server on the cloud that is globally GZIP compressed to further speed up your incredible WordPress site.


When you partner with we become your hand-holding, go to person for all things website, email, google placement and more. Additionally built into our hosting, is your complete WordPress management of updates of WordPress versions, plugins and themes. Further, we optionally can provide full live maintenance support for your site content.

Our team is led by Ken Freeman, who has 30 years experience in the pregnancy resource community. He is a former center executive director, a visionary who authored two of the early post abortion models and trained more than 2,500 directors nationally and is today considered as the “PA” of after abortion as Linda Cochrane is considered the “MA”. His background in multi-media, event staging, radio/television production, computer graphic design now merged with the thirty plus years of experience serving women in his center, inside recovery support groups, on the phone handling referral calls from hundreds of thousands gives him the unique understanding of both the needs of the center and the needs of your clients.

Our CMS Solution is rock solid!

From within your website, you simply login in to the back end of your CRM to manage users, contacts, activities and more Everything is fully customizable to run your CRM the way you want. Additionally, we can help you get set up with optional full service CRM if you wish including WayCool, SalesForce For NonProfits and/or Practice Fusion for medical clinics.

Our award-winning website and video designs are designed with one goal in mind:

Engaging the ABORTION MINDED WOMAN! This should be the goal of any pregnancy resource center client site.
Engaging the DONORS & VOLUNTEERS is the goal of a professional pregnancy resource center donor site.

What people say about our site designs is that they are “clean, modern, fast, and engaging and original!” Sure we could be just like the other guys and give you cookie cutter, same old site designs. We could just throw your site up on GoDaddy and hope you never need help. But, here we are not satisfied with ugly static sites and we think only in professional results! We only give you the best in fully responsive, mobile friendly sites that engage your visitor the way you want them engaged. We believe in using the top trends in web design to make your site as modern, clean, efficient and popular as it can be.

Our CRM TOOLS are the industry standard!

1. Full CRM for donor relationship management
2. Full Event calendar for managing events
3. Full Online Appointment Booking for scheduling appointments

Optionally, you can access full integration of WayCool, SalesForce for NonProfits, or other CRM packages.

Our services for pregnancy centers have grown out of a history of thirty (30) years of serving, training, equipping and encouraging pregnancy resources nationwide and twenty (20) years web design and hosting. As we sow back into the important pregnancy resource center community, we bring the wisdom and expertise of a clear understanding of your needs as a center and her needs as a client. Let PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM be your solution for your client or donor site.

Every Order with PRC-SOLUTIONS goes back to ministry support! 50% of all earnings supports and undergirds Last Harvest-The Outreach. This means when you invest in PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM you are helping to help other centers, save lives, set the captives free and keep an online Bible study free to all 48,000 users.

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Your website is a tool to support life-affirming and life saving throughout the world!

Every dime invested helps save lives & share the Gospel!

Here is how we help save lives and set the captives free! 50% of all earnings at PRC-SOLUTIONS.COM are transferred to the support the fine work of Last Harvest – The Outreach, based in Garland, TX. The online outreach spans the world with contacts from more than 126 nations and nearly 3 million visitors a year. Their four-part mission addresses the following four major outreach home mission programs: Saving the unborn, Setting the Captives Free, Strengthening – Helping the Local Center and Evangelism. Your investment in a website benefits women, the unborn, those hurting from abortion, the local center and those seeking to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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Install this web app on your Android: Tap menu or ☆, choose Save to bookmarks, then Add To: choose Home screen.×